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Dan has spent his entire career working hand-in-hand with trial attorneys and understands the relationship between trial lawyers and the appellate counsel they entrust with their cases and clients. He values his relationship with the trial lawyers with whom he works, and always makes it a priority to safeguard their relationships with their clients.

Dan knows that the best product comes from collaboration, and therefore seeks to keep trial counsel involved in the appeal and informed on the progress of the appeal.

Samson Appellate Law is flexible on fee structures, offering hourly billing, flat fees, contingent fee arrangements where applicable, and even a mix of hourly and contingency in appropriate cases. Most importantly, however the fee is structured, Dan makes sure that every case on his agenda is a priority.

Finally, Dan is confident that you will find his work product to be excellent and an asset to your case. To that end, he invites you to peruse the two sample briefs on this website.

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